What is a rich man, by Theodore Dalrymple

“The rich man is he who has enough to meet his desires and who, moreover, exercises control over his desires so that they do not expand indefinitely to torment him with dissatisfaction when they are not fulfilled.”

Theodore Dalrymple

Published in The Salisbury Review, Autumn 2013


Galbraith truly deserved to be called a ‘public intellectual’

“Galbraith truly deserved to be called a ‘public intellectual’; he was never as barmy as Chomsky nor as nasty as Hobsbawm, never as bitter as Said nor a buffoon like Lacan but he qualified to be included in that opprobrious category.”

Christie Davies

Published in The Salisbury Review, Autumn 2013

Medieval vs. Modern, by Dr. Peter Mullen

Incidentally, when the BBC wants to refer to something as particularly nasty, why do they always have recourse to the adjective ‘medieval’? The Middle Ages gave us the cathedrals, Thomas Aquinas, Anselm, Dante, Gregorian plainchant, Perotin, Giotto, chivalry, courtly love and a Christian Europe. The wonderfully progressive modern period gave us two world wars, Hitler’s holocaust, Stalin’s slaughter of 20 million, Mao’s killing of 70 million, the hydrogen bomb, abortion as a means of contraception, the destruction of marriage, Tate Modern, Jacques Derrida and the EU.

Read the complete article in The Salisbury Review, Autumn 2013.

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